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Cowboy boots have been around for a long time and have evolved over the years to the boot that we know today.

There are a lot of different varieties of cowboy boots to be had today, with celebrities sporting the up to date styles.

Cowboys initially wore boots to protect them when they were riding and working.

Over the years, cowboys boots have been influenced by different trends of boot with bigger heels and made of better leather.

Slowly, cowboy boots started to be spotted as a fashion item, and were not just for working cowboys. This was after their their high exposure in films, and radio shows.

Today everybody would like to possess a pair of cowboy boots as they are fun, feminine, sexy and could be worn by nearly anyone.

These days, cowboy boots are on offer in a variety of colors and can even be decorated in rhinestones or studs. There are even internet sites where you may purchase order your own custom made pair.

You do not just need to wear your cowboy boots with an old pair of jeans. Dress up your jeans with the newest pair or team them with a sexy miniskirt for a fun and feminine style.

However, it is valuable to buy a pair of cowboy boots that best suits your needs whether you choose them for support or flexibility.

If you are planning to wear your boots when line dancing, ensure that you purchase a pair with a smaller heel otherwise you could wind up with sore feet!

The working day for cowboys involves working with cattle and horses and for these reasons the boots that they use are required to protect their feet.

Cowboy boots need to be hardy since cowboys work in rough areas and with cattle and horses that can be unpredictable!

Kansas and Texas still have a considerable number of traditional cowboy bootmakers as the call is above average in these regions.

The model of cowboy boots protects them from some dangers cowboys could have to handle when working. For starters, the heel is high with a pointed or rounded toe so the foot is not pulled through the stirrup if a cowboy falls off his horse.

Serious injury is avoided if a cowboy falls off his horse as cowboy boots have no laces and This means their foot gets pulled out.

If you are here to possess a distinct pair of cowboy boots, you can come across some made of buffalo, alligator, snake, or even ostrich.

One more benefit of cowboy boots is the slick, treadless sole. This makes it easy to ride, and get on and off a horse.