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1880's cowboy boots

If you're searching for 1880's cowboy boots, then this is the place for you! The next facts will provide all the information you are looking for.

The cowboy boot that is purchased now is loads different to the one that was first made since it has evolved over time to meet requirements.

The current trend in fashion is Western style and more specifically cowboy boots, of which there are various different styles.

The first cowboy boots were designed to keep cowboys safe when they were working and riding.

Over time, cowboys boots have been influenced by lots of trends of boot with higher heels and made of highest quality leather.

Gradually, cowboy boots started to be spotted as a fashion item, and were not only for working cowboys. This was due to their increased exposure in films, and radio shows.

These days everybody would like to buy a pair of cowboy boots as they are fun, feminine, sexy and can be worn by almost anyone.

These days, cowboy boots are available in a selection of colors and can even be decorated in rhinestones or studs. There are even web stores where you are able to order order your tailored custom made pair.

The reason cowboy boots are so popular is that they are so versatile. You can wear them with your best pair of old jeans or with a sexy miniskirt and cami.

Ensure when you purchase your cowboy boots, you buy a pair that best matches your demands. Therefore, you have to look at support and flexibility.

Also, with the increasing popularity of line dancing, you may wish to opt for a pair with a little heel so your feet don't get too sore!

Cowboys needed to protect their feet during the course of their day when they were always mounting and dismounting horses and working with cattle.

Because the regions that cowboys had to work in were often rough and the horses and cattle unpredictable, so it was important that their footwear was up to the job!

A large number of traditional cowboy bootmakers are found in areas where there is high call for cowboy boots. Such as in Texas and Kansas.

The model of cowboy boots protects them from some hazards cowboys may have to handle when working. For example, the heel is high with a pointed or rounded toe so the foot is not pulled through the stirrup if a cowboy falls off his horse.

There are no laces in cowboy boots. This is to avoid serious injury if a cowboy get his foot caught in their stirrup as their foot will be pulled from their boot.

Cowboy boots are usually produced in leather. However, you can get a pair made from ostrich, alligator, snake, or buffalo.

Another bonus of cowboy boots is the smooth, treadless sole. This makes it easy to ride, and get on and off a horse.